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FTM PROCRASTINATIONPeople have been tricked into believing that they are “procrastinators,” or that they’re “lazy.” However, when you look at what these labels actually mean, you find that they’re simply harsh judgments that stop you from recognizing what you truly want, and stop you from claiming your right to pursue it.

If you take a close look at your inner dialogue when you find yourself procrastinating or being lazy, you’ll probably see that you’re torn between two competing desires. You may want to exercise regularly to stay healthy, but when the time comes, you feel like you need a break from your busy life — and exercise just seems like just one more thing on your to-do list. Rather than label yourself “lazy” or a “procrastinator,” you have the right to discover the real issue hiding behind this internal conflict.

With hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you can clarify and strengthen your focus so that you connect with the genuine need that has been covered up by your struggle with procrastination. Once you connect with this need and realize you have a right to meet it, the harsh judgments and conflict naturally come to an end. Schedule a private session

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