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Loss and Grief: Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Can Help

FTM LOSSLoss is inevitable and therefore unavoidable. Each of us will eventually lose everyone and everything, including our own bodies. There is a natural emotional response to loss that we call grief, and this is normal and healthy to feel. This healthy grief inspires us to move forward with a deeper appreciation for the rich gift that is life. Healthy grief also bestows on us a tender heart of compassion for all beings, because our loss makes us vividly aware of their (and our) fragility.

There is another mental process that is also mistakenly labeled as grief. This kind of grief, however, hardens our hearts and makes us bitter. This is not true grief, and it is not healthy. When we experience such “bitter grief” we suffer unnecessarily. We create needless pain for ourselves when we replay the memories of our loss again and again, and continue to review these memories with thoughts of hopelessness and despair.

When Grief Won’t Go Away

Such unhealthy grief is very much akin to the activity of the subconscious mind when it creates Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The force of habit of thinking in this destructive way is too powerful for the conscious mind to change. However, with the skillful use of hypnotic trance states, one can eliminate this tendency to produce the needless suffering of bitter grief. This healing shift restores your capacity to feel a healthy sadness for your loss, and at the same time, a joyful gratitude for the ongoing gift of your life.

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