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Inner Guidance

FTM INNER Guidance, sunsetCROPBecause the process of hypnosis and hypnotherapy moves aside your ordinary thinking mind, it enables you to access inner guidance from many levels of your being. The variety of inner guidance available is vast, everything from praying to saints for healing to having shamanic encounters with entities from the plant and animal kingdom. The true inner guide is your inner Spiritual Master Guide, if you will, who knows you completely and knows the terrain of the subconscious completely. He/she knows the best path for you to take, moment by moment, to become fully established in your authentic being. As such, the inner guide is the one you can always go to for support of all kinds. You can even consult your inner guide as to the validity of any other forms of guidance, and to find out whether such guidance is important or suitable for you.

Article: “Accessing the True Inner Guide” by Jack Elias, CHT