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Subpersonality or “Parts” Work

FTM SUBPERS africanmasksEven though you’re one whole person, you experience yourself and organize your experience as if you were several different people. For example, you find yourself saying, “I never knew I had that in me,” or “I never knew I could be so spontaneous.” Or you have an inner conflict: “I really want that second piece of cake, but I should stick to my diet.” In such moments it’s as if two people are arguing within you–the one who wants the cake, and the one who would rather stick to your diet. These competing urges, which could be regarded as “subpersonalities” within us, can become so unmanageable that we lose the ability to successfully navigate our lives. With hypnotherapy, it is possible to bring these conflicted parts, or subpersonalities, into harmony with each other so that you can make rational choices that truly benefit you.

Subpersonality vs. Multiple Personality

People sometimes ask, “What’s the difference between having subpersonalities and having multiple personalities?” It’s simply a matter of degree. A healthy person operating through her subpersonalities has an overriding awareness of her personal identity. Even though two “parts” of her are arguing with each other about what she should do next, she is fully aware that both of those are part of her, and that she is essentially arguing with herself. In the unfortunate condition of multiple personalities, that overriding awareness of identity is absent. The “parts” become so alienated that they lose all awareness that they share the same identity, and can begin to act as if they are absolutely separate beings, often with sharply conflicting goals and agendas. Once the subpersonalities become alienated to this degree, a host of living problems results, and the process of personal integration becomes much more challenging. Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool to correct the condition of multiple personality disorder. In much the same way that hypnotherapy can bring together and harmonize subpersonalities in a healthy person, it can reestablish the recognition of unity and common purpose among multiple personalities.

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