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The Richness of Life:  Making It Real

FTM CONFIDENCE Cranes_FACE LEFTIt’s quite common for people to grow up with the idea that they’re sinful or flawed by nature, and that therefore they’re the victims of an inescapable defect that exists at their very core. Having such an attitude toward oneself causes one to live in a constant state of insecurity and stress. It’s impossible to balance outer wealth and inner spiritual wealth if you have adopted an attitude of unworthiness.

An essential objective of transpersonal hypnotherapy is to release these toxic attitudes. Once you are capable of feeling worthy of life’s many gifts, it is possible to create material abundance as well as spiritual richness. Experiencing life’s richness in every moment is the natural result of being aware of, and acting in accordance with, your inherent worthiness. Transpersonal hypnotherapy enables you to clear away the habits that constantly sabotage your efforts to live from your highest intention and truest intuition. Schedule a private session

An Interview with Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money