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Institute for Therapeutic Learning: Free Catalog of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy NLP Trainings & Courses

As of 2019 the Institute’s Certification training program is Accredited in the UK as a Practitioner Level Training with the General Hypnotherapy Register, London, UK.

You can download our free course catalogs for US & UK Institute for Therapeutic Learning courses here.

Note: Due to Covid impacts on shipping worldwide and due to changes in the US Postal service, the Finding True Magic textbook is no longer included in course tuitions. You may read the course catalogs before I make this change to them. They are currently outdated regarding the inclusion of FTM textbook in tuition charges. You may purchase FTM here or at


Download US Catalog

Download UK Catalog

Once you have read through the catalog, Jack would be happy to answer your questions about training options through the Institute for Therapeutic Learning.

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