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Emotions: Freeing the Energy of Life

by Jack Elias, CHT
author of Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP

The word “emotion” has been analyzed usefully in the following way: “E” stands for energy, and “motion” stands for movement.

Emotions are movements of energy, life force. Emotions are temporary patterns of our inherently pure and dynamically formless life force energy, swirling and playing, responding and communicating with all the “other” energy patterns it encounters.

Our life force is not separate from our intelligence, and, while our life force is supremely intelligent at a certain level, at another level it is extremely gullible—a real sucker for the trance-forming logic of the thinking mind (both the conscious and subconscious). This gullibility originates when we are still caught in a state of ignorance and are susceptible to any number of negative influences.

As we build up the storyline of “who we are” and “what is going on” in our lives, we learn to contract and tense up in response to challenges that intimidate us. This “freezing up” occurs at the physical level. We learn we can “hold” our emotions by holding our musculature. This holding reaction is most often learned under duress: Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about! This intelligent and powerful capacity involves a complex process of modulating and coordinating the breath, the muscles, the posture, perceptions, and emotions—and in this way we acquire the habit of blocking the natural, joyful movement of our life force. Out of fear for survival and out of fear of pain, we relinquish the right and freedom to use this intelligent and powerful capacity to nourish the joyful, spontaneous expression of just being ourselves.

Generally, therapy of any kind only produces dynamic results to the degree that the client remembers and relives the experience during which freezing of the emotions occurred, releasing the spontaneous flow of emotions from the holding patterns, and building enough faith and self-trust to beneficially redirect the habitual use of their own power.

Our energy is the energy of the universe: it is very powerful! As long as we are in the trance of believing that we are a limited being, we feel we have only a little of this energy available. However, we have much more than we think. The illusion of having “no energy” is just a skillful ruse of our internal holding patterns. It’s not that we have no energy. What’s really happening is that most of our energy is bound up in a process of inhibiting its own joyful, creative flow. The “conscious” self interprets this as a lack of energy. In fact, the energy is there within us in abundance. But that energy is not available to play or enjoy, or to work or study, or to do much of anything else. It has its hands full holding onto itself!

This holding and freezing of our energy is so demanding that, if we had to stay conscious of it, we would never be able to maintain it! We can manage to hold energy frozen for five,10, 20 years, or a lifetime only by handing the task over to the part of us that never tires and never runs out of energy: our subconscious mind. In hypnotherapy, we use this to our advantage. If we bring a holding pattern to consciousness, it’s too hard to hold it, and thus we naturally let go of it. The energy is freed, and we feel alive again!

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