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Fear of letting go to orgasm: Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help

FTM Cliff diver SunsetTrue health includes the capacity to experience a full orgasmic response while having sex. This response is not merely enjoyable; it is healing, rejuvenating, and sacred. Every fiber of our being is meant to be involved during the sexual act. As long as it is uninhibited, the sexual experience moves through us as a powerful, undulating wave of emotional and physical bliss.

Unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned to construct many obstacles to the movement of this wave through our being. Most such obstacles originate in fear and shame, and are beyond the reach of our conscious desire to remove them.

With hypnotic communication (hypnotherapy) you can instruct your subconscious mind to remove these blocks, making it possible for you to let go on every level—mentally, emotionally, and physically—so that this powerful, healing wave can move through you unimpeded when you are in sexual embrace. Schedule a private session

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