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Hypnosis, Myths & Archetypes

FTM ARCHETYPES_tobias-with-the-angel-raphael-pietro-peruginoWe contemplate the deep and expansive truths of life through the study of archetypes and myths. There are three levels of understanding any archetype: essence, form, and function. Every level is universal. The essence of an archetype is its substance, its being, and all archetypes are essentially pure. The form of an archetype, being universal, can be found everywhere. For example, the circle, the square, the rectangle are archetypal forms found everywhere in nature. All myths and archetypes are dynamic; they have not only substance and form, but function. Three examples of archetypal function are contracting, expanding, and holding steady.

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Learning from Myths and Archetypes

Myths are stories that illustrate the character, quality, and interaction of archetypes. Greek myths present the archetypes in the form of gods: each god, or archetype has its own unique essence, form, and function. Mercury, the god of communication, has special gifts and a physical form (winged shoes!) which makes him ideally suited to rule the functions of communication.

Because myths are stories, they entertain us and inspire us to contemplation. If we enter into such contemplation deeply, myths can teach us about the energies and guiding principles which actually do create and rule the universe — both the outer, physical universe and our inner life.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you gain access to, and learn about archetypal energies that are (a) showing up in the recurring patterns of your outer life and (b) felt in the movements of your inner emotional life.

A Partial List of Archetypes

Some of the archetypes that you may gain access to and learn from in a hypnotherapy session:

Inner Child
The Feminine
The Masculine
The Mother
The Father
The Hero
The Warrior
The Wise Woman
The Wise Man
The Magician
The Wanderer
The Martyr
The Orphan
The Innocent
Archetypes of the Zodiac

An Interview with Joseph Campbell on Myths and Archetypes