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Insomnia Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

FTM_INSOMNIASevere insomnia causes a mind-numbing exhaustion and loss of hope. Lengthy periods of sleep deprivation take a profound toll, both physically and mentally.

Insomnia is often, though not always, the result of obsessive thinking about unfinished business. You may find yourself going over and over the details of the previous day, or planning what you’re going to do tomorrow. With hypnosis you can not only calm your mind, but also instruct your subconscious to generate creative solutions to the problems you’ve been thinking about. Even if you have been experiencing insomnia for months or even years, hypnotherapy can free you from this burden. Schedule a private session

Learn about the Finding True Magic Audio “Ending Insomnia

“I have found immediate and long lasting results from regular use of Ending Insomnia. My sleep is significantly deeper and I seldom have restless nights. Prior to purchasing and using the CD I would have 5 or 6 restless nights a month. I highly recommend this for anyone suffering from insomnia.”      –Leonard R. of Bellingham, WA United States