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Trance & Mindfulness

by Jack Elias, CHT

Mindfulness is the prerequisite for intelligent perception and action in the world. It is that quality of consciousness that makes direct contact with an object of perception. The more mindful you are, the more you experience your own aliveness and the aliveness of everything around you. Cultivating mindfulness, you develop awareness of your true relationship to all of life. Maintaining the state of mindfulness and awareness allows you to live as a fully creative and empowered being.

Appropriate trance states can enhance one’s capacity to experience mindfulness. Hypnotherapy, therefore, can facilitate mindfulness by effectively reducing or shutting down the mind’s constant chatter. A quiet mind makes it possible to maintain a strong focus. Strength of mental focus is essential to developing and maintaining mindfulness.

Hypnotherapy and other mindfulness practices do not quiet the mind by fighting with the mind’s chatter or by trying to repress it. Many people mistakenly think that quieting the mind requires struggling with the mind. This is not the case. In fact, it’s impossible to make the mind quiet by fighting with it or repressing it. The mind chatter calms down and grows quiet when one becomes sufficiently interested in, and focused upon, something besides the chatter itself.

A classic way of going into hypnotic trance begins by directing the subject’s focus to their breath, to bodily sensations and to imagining muscles loosening and releasing. As the subject focuses more intently on these sensations, energy that was previously going into maintaining the mind’s chatter is naturally diverted into the subject’s focus on the object of interest. Thus it becomes clear that the desired quieting of the mind is an effortless by-product of engaging one’s focus and interest in something other than the mind’s chatter. Simple!

In the Finding True Magic Audio Seminar “Mindfulness & Awareness” you will learn how to bypass many other unnecessary misunderstandings and pitfalls that make people believe that they can’t meditate and that they can’t have a quiet mind.  You will also learn specific exercises and techniques to help you focus with clarity and strength on whatever you desire, whether it be in hypnotic trance or in your daily life.

In the “Mindfulness & Awareness” seminar, Jack also works interactively with seminar students, demonstrating these powerful techniques. These demonstrations allow you to hear Jack take people past their initial mistaken assumptions about how to “do” the techniques. Being able to observe the developing understanding of students is a great mirror in which to see how your own mind works. Seeing more clearly how your own mind works is the first step to wisdom and success.