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Wealth and Prosperity

FTM TREE light burstingIt has been said that the true measure of wealth and prosperity is the amount of joy one experiences in daily life. The media gives a lot of attention to spiritual people—monks, nuns, and others—for whom spiritual life means taking a vow of poverty. For this reason many ordinary spiritual practitioners who live the life of householders become confused, thinking that if they don’t limit their earnings they will fall victim to greed.

Over the centuries, however, many saints and spiritual teachers have been quite effective in the world. Some were kings; some were wealthy merchants. And there are stories as well of saints who lived quite simply and happily with very little. In other words, spiritual wealth does not necessarily require an atmosphere of material poverty, any more than material wealth causes an impoverished spiritual condition.

An ancient Buddhist parable, however, illustrates how acquiring money and material wealth without having inner spiritual balance can ruin a person’s good nature and relationship with others.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy can give you the tools to realize your inner wealth, and at the same time become skillful at manifesting beneficial outer wealth.

The Richness of Life

Life is rich and full of potential. When we open to this truth, it becomes easy to appreciate previously unseen possibilities in our lives. Through transpersonal hypnotherapy and hypnosis, wealth is revealed as your natural state of being.

Gaining Confidence

Confidence or the lack of it determines whether you’ll meet your goals and aspirations. Through hypnotherapy and hypnosis, wealth is seen as arising from your self-confidence; in trance, your self-confidence increases so that prosperity easily follows.

Suggestions for Success

Through suggestions given under hypnosis, wealth, abundance and prosperity, as well as success of every kind, are realized as your true nature. This removes any mental blocks to achieving your personal goals.