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Create Your Own Self Hypnosis Script

by Jack Elias, CHT
An excerpt from Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy/NLP

This is a clear, simple outline that will help you format a script for yourself, or teach others to create a hypnosis recording for their personal use—natural cures and means!

Step 1: Create eye fatigue and eye closure
Since you’re alone, the best way is simply to focus on a spot above eye level until you get fatigue and closure (You may want to use “Deeply Relax.” You can also decide where to use it—not necessarily as step one. If you give “Deeply Relax” to your clients, remind them that they have the same choice and flexibility.)

Step 2: Eye catalepsy testing
Give yourself instructions to relax your eyes so completely that they will not open. Then try to open them—remember to allow only a of couple seconds, then instruct yourself to stop trying and let go even more.

Step 3: Do a progressive relaxation on yourself

Since you are more intimate with your body than a therapist could ever be, use this to your advantage by focusing attention on particular blockages you know about that definitely need/want to be included, and any particular resources you’re aware of about yourself—such as a particular kind of touch that makes it easy for you to release. Give this to yourself in the suggestions you create.

Before creating your own recordings, make sure that you stop to give yourself permission to recognize these resources about yourself, as opposed to believing that you “have to go by the book.” Take time to construct significant, well-formed suggestions that address the heart of the matter that concerns you, rather than just skimming the surface.

Step 4: Deepen with countdowns
Use one or more countdowns: three to one, five to one, or seven to one. I never go above seven, but if you want to try a higher number, do so and find out whether it’s useful. Remember to speak with focused emphasis and energy, at the same time keeping your voice as steadily rhythmic as a metronome:

Focus with “beginner’s mind”-Each “deeper” and each “down” is the very first one, and deserves your full attention as you speak it. If you like, you can make the countdowns situational, i.e. in a natural setting, such as down a hill to a beautiful meadow, or in the magical setting of an ancient library or catacomb, down a staircase to a secret study or auditorium.

You are free to create here in accordance with whatever you sense will be conducive to a genuine inner opening and communion.

In my opinion, it is beneficial to cultivate a sense of humility and honor toward your own mysterious, benevolent being. Remember, your conscious mind is the newcomer in this area, and reverence and respect will have a definite effect on the nature and depth of what you access.

If you like, you may call on God, on guides or masters. You may surround yourself with light, or include anything else that gives meaning to this sense of invocation. “Ask and ye shall receive” has an important corollary: “Don’t ask, and ye won’t receive.” I don’t mean this to suggest withholding on the part of spiritual sources of aid, but rather to point out that, in the context of honoring our free will, they do not generally intervene uninvited.

An image of light could be included, such as:
“Imagine a stream of golden white light streaming into the top of your head from the source of infinite, loving, healing intelligence… Imagine it flowing down into your heart (Pause…filling your heart with loving, healing energy (Repeat; Pause) … that begins now to radiate throughout your entire body…throughout your being…permeating every cell of your being with this infinite healing, loving energy (Pause)…that recognizes your true needs even if you yourself haven’t yet consciously recognized them (Pause)…Relax into this light and allow it to lift these needs out of your being, to present them into the loving intelligence of this light as offerings and requests for purification, healing, and enlightenment…powerful, genuine learnings of all kinds… (Pause)…for the sake of your highest benefit and the highest benefit of all beings…Open to this…Make an inner gesture with your whole heart and soul that this be so, now (Pause)…and relax into the light…feeling it permeating and surrounding your body in a protective and magnetic aura that draws these blessings to you.”

(Naturally you would adapt to first person, if using for self-hypnosis)

Step 5: Begin invocations, suggestions & therapy
Once you have “arrived,” following the relaxation and countdowns, begin with inner therapeutic methods, or an invocation of inner resources. This would be the time to read any pre-planned positive suggestion —if you’re doing therapy with a client, these suggestions come after therapy work, after you’ve cleared the way for them.

Step 6: Contextualize the learnings
Give suggestions that “all new learnings and benefits gained from the session will be taken, now, into your past by the subconscious mind…to re-evaluate all appropriate relationships with your past, to produce greater advantage for you, and then projected into your future… imagining yourself vividly in future anticipated and unanticipated situations, with these resources fully activated and available to you.”

Remember, if you make it vivid in all your sensory channels, your subconscious mind accepts it as real and acts on it in your behalf. “As ye think, so shall ye be!”

Step 7: Count yourself out to normal waking consciousness

1…Begin to come back now…

2…Coming back more and more, looking forward to being wide awake…

3…Feel your body; move your fingers and toes, awakening your body…

4…Breathe in wakeful energy; breathe in wakeful energy; exhale any sense of sleepiness or fogginess…

5…Open your eyes, wide awake; keep breathing in wakeful energy, coming fully back, wide awake and feeling wonderful.

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