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Addictions & Bad Habits

Addictions, assortedWhat is the difference between an addiction and a bad habit?

Addictions are the most extreme form of self-rejection and self-hatred. If you’re involved in an addiction, you end up focusing almost all your available energy on a single endeavor (such as the consumption of alcohol or food or cigarettes). The only thing that motivates anyone to such extreme effort is a powerful unmet need.

Addictions are driven by just such powerful unmet needs. The tragedy of addiction, however, is that the means you choose to meet your need never accomplishes the goal. Instead, an underlying self-rejection and self-hatred keeps you from recognizing your true need, and you become locked onto a false (or decoy) need.

With an addiction, you lose your free will to such an extent that you’re in danger of losing what’s most important to you. With a bad habit, you may be creating great inconveniences in your life, but you still maintain a certain capacity for self-control, recognition, and openness about your problem.

Hypnotherapy can help you take back your personal power, and free you from compulsive and addictive behaviors.
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