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Pain Relief Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

FTM PAIN RELIEF, neckFACE LEFTRelieving pain is the primary focus of much of modern medicine. People often complain that the cost of their pain medications is constantly increasing. They also worry about the troublesome side effects of these drugs. When people in pain have to put their faith in pharmaceutical companies (which may or may not have adequately tested the drugs for safety) they often feel a loss of control over their health and well-being.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in alleviating pain, whether episodic or chronic. For a fraction of the cost of prescription painkilling drugs, you can be pain free without drugs, through hypnotherapy. Imagine experiencing relief from pain without any of the negative effects associated with pain-killing drugs. Imagine being in total control of your own well-being. Every day, for thousands of people seeking pain relief, hypnosis, self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy are a godsend.

Article: “Doctors at the University of Washington’s Regional Burn Center in Seattle regularly use [hypnotherapy] to help patients alleviate excruciating pain.Wall Street Journal

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Pain-free Dental Work

Putting patients into trance to achieve pain-free dental work without the use of drugs is one of the oldest medical applications of hypnosis. Dental hypnosis – dental work without drugs — virtually disappeared with the advent of pharmaceutical anesthesia. The fact remains, however, that hypnosis is an effective, non-invasive means of anesthesia that is particularly helpful for people who have adverse reactions to drugs.

Pain-free Childbirth with Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Childbirth hypnosis is increasingly used by mothers who want to give birth drug-free. Using hypnosis for pain-free childbirth is a reliable method shown to be effective for the birthing mother and safe for the neonate.

Clinical studies: Hypnosis for Analgesia during Childbirth and Dental Work

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Article: “Non-Medical treatment of pain gains adherents

Clinical studies show that Hypnotherapy works to relieve pain

Hypnosis for Relief of Chronic Pain

People who suffer with chronic pain due to injury or illness often feel at the mercy of their body’s neurological responses. Given our current medical model, this may sound strange: Nevertheless, with hypnosis and hypnotherapy you can actually “talk” to the part of you that is creating your pain. You can then discover its purpose and gain its cooperation to reduce or eliminate the pain. Hypnotherapy does this by helping this pain-producing part of you to fulfill its purpose in a truly beneficial way.

Clinical research studies: Hypnotherapy effectively relieves chronic pain

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BBC News covers research showing Hypnotherapy relieves pain of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)