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Speaking Engagements – Jack Elias, CHT

Whether he’s speaking to an intimate group of students or a ballroom packed with conference attendees, a speaking engagement with Jack Elias fills the room with his mischievous sense of humor and an element of surprise. More than just a motivator, Jack’s trademark is making people rethink themselves and their abilities—right on the spot. Watch this video clip and listen to Jack and his students describe his popular Finding True Magic course in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP:

Jack’s talks and courses are eye-opening and heart opening. Participants report that he makes them laugh and even cry as they discover powerful resources they never dreamed they had. People leave Jack’s programs with new enthusiasm to live fearlessly—along with practical, real-world guidance about how to get results and live up to their highest potential.

A speaking engagement with Jack Elias can be tailored to your needs and interests. Whether it’s a keynote, a weekend workshop or a week-long course, Jack will present a lively, memorable program. Jack wakes up participants to new possibilities, by giving them powerful new skills that rejuvenate their view of themselves, the people they live and work with, and the world within and around them.

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What people are saying . . .

“I wholeheartedly recommend Jack’s course to colleagues, to anyone in the helping and health professions, and to anyone interested in deep healing, growth, or personal transformation for self and others. This is work that can change the world — both inner and outer.”
Julie Hurlocker, MD, Diplomate American Board of Family Practice

“Since 1979 I have worked in residential treatment centers, mental health centers, and private practice with individuals, couples, groups and families. In all my experience, nothing has been as effective in promoting change in people’s lives as the hypnotherapy techniques I learned in [Jack Elias’ Finding True Magic] course.”
—Patricia Ann Williams, MD, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

“Six years of university training in psychology, twenty years as a counselor, and countless years of spiritual quest, culminating in the discovery of [the course called Finding True Magic, with Jack Elias]: a psychology firmly rooted in profound spiritual wisdom.”
—Jeannie M., MA, Psychologist

“This course helped me connect more deeply with my inner wisdom and compassion. It gave me easy-to-use techniques to assist patients and their families to draw on their own powerful inner resources to deal with illness and loss. It’s been 10 years since I took the course for the first time. What I learned continues to enrich all aspects of my life.”
—Carol M., RN, CHT

Jack Elias-CHT-teaching-Finding-True-Magic-transpersonal-hypnotherapy-nlp-09“It seems like I can’t find any boundaries to the application of this material in my work with other people to assist their healing, as well as in my own personal and spiritual growth. I’m near bursting with enthusiasm and ideas around the medical practice as well as the bodywork I do, and with variations on group meditations for working with medical problems. All in all, a pretty good deal, Jack!”
—Julie H., MD, Physician in Private Practice

“Jack’s approach steps out beyond formula and limitation. Knocks down boundaries and provides the ground for moments of true insight, self-discovery, and awakening. The first night, it became obvious that we were going to experience Hypnotherapy at its core. I’ve never been through something like this with a group of people . . . . Real change occurred in everyone from the processes, group dynamic, and Jack’s delightfully open and humorous approach.”
—Peter R., Black Belt Martial Artist, Musician

“Your voice and presence have an energizing and healing effect. Hearing the conviction in your affirmations… has helped me move through a lot of ‘hallucinatory’ fears.”
—Lee H., MSW, Social Worker

“The material and spiritual approach are very appropriate for the work I do with Native Peoples. But more importantly, the course has changed the way I interact within all relationships. Finally, tools to heal spiritually… this is the most CREATIVE thing I’ve ever learned or done. It blows traditional psychotherapy out of the water. I appreciate the camaraderie that seemed to ripple out from Day One.”
—Jean Paul, MA, Mental Health Counselor

“Of the five nationally recognized hypnotherapy training programs I have been certified in, my time with Jack Elias has been the most valuable. His gift to you is so much more than just hypnotherapy, NLP, or psychoanalysis. You are exposed to just about everything in hypnotherapy that is known to work with great heart, spirit, and humor.”
—Putnam MacDaniel, Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist, Former President, WA State Chapter, National Guild of Hypnotists

“The class atmosphere is ideal for learning: relaxed, informal, yet rigorous. The course material was presented lucidly and unfolded naturally. The text will continue to be a resource for me for a long time. Jack, you are a teacher in the truest sense of the word. The passion, integrity, and depth you bring to these teachings has moved me deeply.”
—Jake L., CHT, Designer, Builder

“What I learned from Jack went beyond techniques. I now understand why all the techniques I learned work in the first place. The greatest gift was discovering that being bound to “techniques” is the biggest TRANCE of all. Taking Jack’s course is like the opportunity to learn Kung Fu from Bruce Lee. Get Jack’s book. Read it several times. Take a training with Jack Elias. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or what you think you know.”
—Paul Skavland, CHT