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Help for asthma and allergies: hypnosis and hypnotherapy

FTM ALLERGIES womanSNZ_Face LEFTAllergies are a symptom of the immune system making a mistake that can be easily and immediately corrected with hypnotherapy. Even if you’ve had an allergy for 20 years, it can be gone in 20 minutes! This kind of rapid positive result dramatically illustrates the healing magic we all have in our own mind. We’re conditioned to think that the mind and body are two separate things, so to many of us it seems ridiculous to expect that the mind could get the body to make a big change in the way it operates. But it can be done!

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Scientific studies show that hypnosis reduces hay fever and other symptoms. Case study: Quitting Smoking and Ending Hayfever.

The symptoms of Asthma can usually be dramatically alleviated by hypnotherapy. According to many doctors, over 90% of asthmatic symptoms have a significant emotional component — usually repressed grief or anger. Once these emotions are cleared with hypnotherapy, the symptoms of asthma usually disappear completely.

In one of Jack Elias’ most dramatic cases, a three-year-old girl had asthma attacks so severe that her mother had installed in-home emergency medical equipment to avoid constantly rushing her daughter to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Jack saw the girl one time. Five years later the girl’s mother told Jack that, after that one hypnotherapy session, her daughter had never had another asthma attack. For clearing up asthma, hypnosis and hypnotherapy works!

Dr. Andrew Weil on Asthma and Guided Imagery

“An NIH-funded pilot study found that asthmatic adults who used imagery techniques were able to decrease their medication, and Dr. John Mark is currently planning a study on guided imagery in children with asthma. In addition, biofeedback and hypnotherapy have shown promise in managing asthma.”

—Dr. Andrew Weil, Self Healing

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