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Emotions: Free your life force with hypnotherapy!

FTM Boy, Elated SMThe word “emotion” has been analyzed this way: “E” stands for energy, and “motion” stands for movement. Emotions are movements of energy, life force. Emotions are temporary patterns of our inherently pure and dynamically formless life force energy, swirling and playing, responding and communicating with all the “other” energy patterns it encounters.

Our life force is not separate from our intelligence. Even though our life force is supremely intelligent at one level, at another level it is extremely gullible—a real sucker for the trance-forming logic of the thinking mind (both the conscious and the subconscious).

As we build up the storyline of “who we are” and “what is going on” in our lives, we learn to contract and tense up in response to challenges that intimidate us. We learn we can hold in our emotions by tensing our muscles. In this way we acquire the habit of blocking the natural, joyful movement of our life force. Out of fear for survival and fear of pain, we relinquish our natural right to joyful, spontaneous expression of just being ourselves.

Read the full article “Emotions: Freeing the Energy of Life” by Jack Elias, CHT.

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