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To improve intimacy and sexual performance, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help . . .

FTM Couple, Perform_SunsetWhen it comes to sex, the issue of performance is so commonly discussed and joked about that we can forget that making love is not like a job that includes performance evaluations. For most people, the sexual act is one of the most profound and enlivening ways of communicating with their partner. For us to fully enjoy the gift of this kind of communication in sexual relationships, we have to erase all ideas of sex as a test of our worthiness or abilities.

Hypnotherapy affords you a powerful means of clearing out the subconscious beliefs that may have repeatedly put you “on stage” every time you attempted to experience the sacred delight of a sexual encounter. Imagine what it would be like to have your mind free of any and all fearful or critical voices, to approach your partner feeling confident, at ease, and willing to share. Schedule a private session

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