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Peaceful family life with the help of hypnotherapy

FTM FAMILY,Bikes_SmallHypnotherapy makes it possible for family members to easily explore deep, rich, and ancient connections they may have shared for many lifetimes. {53}

Accessing such shared life experiences from deep in the past using hypnotic technique can instantly generate a sense of compassion and renewed enthusiasm to grow together in this current lifetime. The capacity for such an expanded perspective on family relationships can quickly eliminate most of the common pettiness and complaint that typically exists in unhappy families. Schedule a private session

Creating Healthy Stepfamilies

Let the Runt Farm books teach your kids about blending families and working things out!

Article of interest:  “Audio-Recorded Guided Imagery Treatment Reduces Functional Abdominal Pain in Children: A Pilot Study,” PEDIATRICS: The Official Journal of  Oct 2009; doi:10.1542/peds.2009-0028