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Spirit Release (or Entity Release)

FTM_ENTITY release, bird wingsIn the same way that, on a physical level, we can be invaded and infected by bacteria and viruses, on an energetic level we can be invaded and influenced by nonphysical, intelligent beings. Such beings, often called entities, are typically people who have died and who, for whatever reason, have not moved into the light to continue their soul’s evolution. Instead they grasp onto a physically embodied being and try to live through them. Such attachments occur in varying degrees, from unpleasant recurring negative thoughts to outright compulsions and addictions that the person mistakes for their own.

Whether or not a person believes in entities or spirit attachment, entity release (also called spirit releasement) through hypnosis or hypnotherapy is often surprisingly effective. Often immediate positive results are experienced by clients after experiencing the process of spirit releasement through hypnosis.

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What are Spirit Releasement and Entity Release?

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