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Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy NlP Virtual Certification Training

with Jack Elias, CHT

May you all stay safe and healthy during this pandemic!

Virtual Online Certification Training using ZOOM classrooms.

Washington State has authorized the Institute for Therapeutic Learning to offer virtual certification trainings. In-person trainings in Seattle & London are on hold until the threat of COVID-19 passes.

The Virtual Program includes:

1) Distance Learning Online Certification Course Materials [6 Phases]:

  • Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy/NLP, by Jack Elias, is the course textbook available for purchase here and at
  • 80 hours of Audio recorded at live trainings. Listen to a curated selection of rapid clearing interactions between Jack and students.
  • 6 Videos (mp4)–– one 90 minute video per phase of the Course. Watch Jack demonstrating the principal techniques of each phase
  • Homework Protocols per Phase: written test, mp3s outline, & practice sessions using scripted techniques 
  • Six 1-hour tutorials with Jack Elias, one tutorial for each of the six phases of the course. Tuition details below.
  • 5 required books – reading and written reports

2) Plus:

  • ZOOM classrooms – a 2-hour Zoom class for each of the 6 phases of the Course. [These are recorded Zoom classes from 2020.]

Normal tuition for the Virtual Option is $5665.00:  DL Certification tuition $3265.00 plus Zoom classes tuition of $2400.00. 

The $2400 tuition for the Zoom Classroom videos will be reduced to $1000 in consideration of the impact of COVID-19. You save $1400.00!

Discounted Virtual Option Tuition is only $4265.00.

Enroll below now and save $1400.00! Tuition is only $4265.00

Students can enroll and begin studying the Distance Learning materials at anytime. Begin as soon as you can!

The course is divided into 6 phases. Suggested study time for each phase of online study is 1 month (not required – you can take as long as you need).  You have a 1 hour tutorial with Jack Elias for each phase, plus a 2 hour ZOOM classroom for each respective phase.

LOCATION – Online Home Study plus ZOOM classroom time

Tuition: Full tuition  is $5665.00, which includes $2400 for ZOOM classroom. In 2021 the Zoom tuition is reduced to $1000.00 for pandemic consideration. Tuition is $4265.00 You save $1400.00!

You can preregister a now for $100. Or you can pay in full and save $1400.00!

Begin your Distance Learning training now:


Register! Huge savings!

You Will Learn:

• How to short circuit mental confusion through science-backed methods to activate innate wisdom and remove obstacles to success!
• How to engage clients’ issues through Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy NLP, a synthesis of Eastern and Western views and techniques that spark rapid healing and creativity.

• How to use recent discoveries in neuroscience and mindfulness by bringing them together with proven methods of ancient wisdom: Buddhism, Socratic Inquiry, Kashmir Shaivism, and Nondual Advaita Vedanta.

In the Words of One Certified Graduate:

“When I took Jack’s class, I had about 400 hours of hypnosis and NLP training and 5 years of experience in private practice.
I was wondering if he could teach me anything new. 
His dialogues and his teachings brought me clarity and insight about how to live my life as well as how to practice hypnotherapy with great love and wisdom.” 

—Ugo T., Clinical Hypnotherapist / NLP Practitioner

You Will Learn To Do:

• Depth Hypnosis
• Regression Therapy
• Past Life Therapy
• Inner Child Healing
• Sub-personality and Archetypal Integration
• Phobia & Trauma Clearing
• Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
• Ericksonian Hypnosis
• Quantum Hypnosis
• Entity Release Work
• Soul Retrieval
• Shadow Work
• Comprehensive Treatment Planning

and much more . . .

Praise for the Work of Jack Elias, CHT:

“Jack, I would have paid $10,000 for what you gave me in one 90 minute session!”
–David R., CEO


Register! Huge savings!

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7 Required Texts
Cost of the required texts (approximately $120.00) is separate from tuition. 

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Transpersonal Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy NLP Training, Summer Intensive