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Everything That Distresses You is Irrelevant! Desire vs. Attachment (Part 1)

Distress, worry . . . irrelevant!? Most people are interested and puzzled by this proposition – some angered! How can I not be worried or  distressed about being unemployed, sick, or because of a significant loss? I find in working with clients that the main causes of confusion about the needlessness of distress relate to 4 […]

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Don’t Try So Hard! Not Your Average Way of Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Amazing to think that a brand new year has already begun. Already our hopes (and fears) are revving up! Is your inbox flooded with messages about keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? I promise this will not be just another ‘how to’ message for you. (If you like, you can skip straight to […]

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More About “What DO Thoughts Think About?”

I want to share some additional perspectives about my previous blog, “What DO Thoughts Think About?” “Thoughts think about other thoughts” is a subtle topic; it’s importance can easily be missed, and working with it can seem boring and pointless in the beginning. In order to experience the power of this insight, the first step […]

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Speedy Mind, Busy Mind: How to Generate Desire and Appreciation

In my previous post A Life of Desire vs. a Life of Appreciation, we considered how an ordinary challenge can present the opportunity to find True Magic if you shift your focus from achieving a desire to practicing appreciation. We discussed the example of someone assuming he had to know the right techniques to do away […]

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Cut Through Shyness and Hidden Blocks to Self-Respect

The Buddha said:  “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” (A thought worthy of daily repetition.) In my experience over 23 years practicing Lucid Heart Therapy & Life Coaching, I have found that everyone’s problems have their root in a lack of self love and the obstacle […]

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You Can Find the Buddha of Your Own Mind

As a practicing Buddhist for over 40 years, my orientation towards my hypnotherapy practice has always been within the context of the extraordinary insights about how the mind works — insights that are readily available in the Buddhist teachings. One essential point is that to see clearly you must gain the ability to stop the […]

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Ego Happens

When the first edition of Finding True Magic was released in 1996, readers were quite surprised. It wasn’t that I had brought together East and West in the context of hypnotherapy and NLP, but that the book looked through the lens of Eastern philosophies to show how the ego shapes our thoughts and experience. The […]

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Buddhism, Hypnotherapy and NLP

By the time I encountered Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy, I had been studying Buddhism for 14 years. It was fascinating to discover that the most valuable insights and techniques presented by hypnotherapy and NLP were fragments of the Buddhist wisdom teachings that I had already encountered in a much more comprehensive form.

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