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Summer 2018 Hypnotherapy NLP Certification Training with Jack Elias, CHT

When: July 12-28, 2018 (17 days — 150 hours training):

  • 5-day sections, 1 day off between each section (total of 2 days off) 
  • 9 am – 6 pm daily. 135 hours of class time, plus 1 hour of homework per night – 150 hours total.

Where: Institute for Therapeutic Learning, 7057 26th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Tuition: Full tuition  is $2400.00. If prepaid before June 28, 2018, tuition is $2100.00. You can reserve a seat now for $100 and still save when you pay in full before June 28, 2018. The reservation fee will be refunded.

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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy NLP is a radical synthesis of Eastern and Western views and techniques applied to the art and discipline of transformative communication.

Dynamic rapid change techniques combine insights from Buddhism, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psychosynthesis, Socratic Inquiry, Kashmir Shaivism, and Non-dual Advaita Vedanta.

You will learn to short circuit the mind of confusion and activate the Mind of All-Accomplishing Wisdom and Success!

The Summer Hypnotherapy NLP Certification Training weaves together:

  • Depth Hypnosis
  • Regression Therapy
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Inner Child Healing & Maturation
  • Subpersonality and Archetypal Transformational processes
  • Phobia & Trauma Clearing
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Quantum Hypnosis
  • Entity Releasing
  • Shadow Work
  • Comprehensive Treatment Planning
    and much more!

Reserve Your Seat or Register Early & Save!

For Full Course Details: Download ITL Catalog

7 Required texts. Cost of required texts (approximately $120.00) is not included in tuition.

Order the Required Books  for the Summer Transpersonal Hypnotherapy NLP Certification Training.