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Quick Facts: Distance Learning Certification

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy NLP Trainings

Jack-Teaching-UK-Oct-2014-640x2401)      You will not be alone! Certification students receive 6 live tutorials with Jack Elias, one for each phase of the course. These tutorials are intended to ensure your success.

2)      The course is composed of 80 CDs recorded at live trainings and 6 DVDs, one for each phase of the course. Each Phase’s DVD shows Jack demonstrating the main scripts and techniques for that phase on a subject. All the materials presented in these CDS & DVDs can be found in the Online Course Option if you do not want physical CDs & DVDs. The book Finding True Magic is included in the tuition for the course.

3)     Open book written test divided into about 5 questions for each phase

4)     Take notes on the CDs as you listen to create an index for yourself of the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy NLP Distance Learning certification trainings. This way you can easily reference material when you need it. You will then send a copy of your index notes, phase by phase, to Jack as proof you have listened to the phase.

5)      Practice the main scripts and techniques in each phase on volunteer subjects. Students find family, friends, and strangers to be willing subjects. You can advertise your offer of free sessions. Take notes on your practice sessions and send to them to Jack, phase by phase.

6)      Schedule a live tutorial with Jack for each completed phase after sending him your CD index, practice notes, and test answers. Tutorials can be in person, by phone or Skype.

7)      Complete your tutorial and move on to the next phase.

8)      Required Reading: Prior to completion of the 6 phases you will read the required books and write a 5-page report for each book about how it was helpful.

9)      There is a non-certification option for those who want to study on their own. Independent Study students can easily convert to the certification option.

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