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Easy Good Habits: Put Your Attention Where Your Heart Is

Getting stuck in anxious energy and busyness, but getting nowhere. Does this sound familiar? I call it “running in place,” and it’s a sure sign that I’ve stopped giving myself love and compassion. When you notice yourself doing this, don’t think, “I have to stop this.” Instead, think, “Oh! I’m running-in-place! I must be denying myself love and compassion.” This is how you can practice the easy, good habit of putting your attention on your heart.

good-habits-self-compassion-hug-womenThen if you like, you can put your hand to your heart as you do in the Hands Over Heart Technique I mentioned in this earlier post.

  • To practice self-love (patience) and kindness (compassion), stand still in the present moment – relax, breathe, open, be aware that you are here in this moment without a storyline.
  • Generously give your attention to a powerfully positive moment in your life — a time when you felt utterly joyful and free and happy to be alive. As you do this, affirm a basic confidence in your own resourcefulness and in your connection to life itself.
  • You are connecting to your natural courage now.
  • To keep your courage alive in your mind and heart, you can place your hands over your heart, and gently close your eyes. Once again call up your powerfully positive moment. Make it vivid and alive. Now open your eyes again and return to your life refreshed. Consider your purposes and your plans with new energy.

To support yourself in this Easy Good Habit, you might try listening to Awakening Inner Wisdom and Love (CD or MP3) every day for at least a week. The best time to do this is either just as you’re waking up in the morning, or just before you go to bed at night, but many of my friends listen to their tapes at lunch, to freshen themselves for the rest of their day. See what works for you.

That’s the end of our 2014 series, “Easy Good Habits.” I hope you enjoyed trying them out!

May skillfulness of heart and mind, and every kind of compassionate activity, flow effortlessly throughout every aspect of your life.


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