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Why Medical Hypnosis for Anesthesia Really Works

Medical HypnosisI am excited today to share with you a You Tube clip that documents the effectiveness of hypnosis for medical anesthesia. It is just a 2 minute clip, but it is from ABC News with Diane Sawyer so it should carry a lot of prestige with the public.

At the same time, I am concerned that vested interests in the medical community, especially anesthesiologists, will be against the spread of this knowledge, or will try to make it legal only for doctors to practice hypnosis in this way. Of course you need the doctor to do the surgery, but not the hypnotic anesthesia.

The healing power of our mind is our very own healing power — and we have a right to learn the simple yet profound means to access it. To be able to do surgery under hypnosis understandably raises doubts and fears. The inclination is to think that such a use of hypnosis must be complex and require years of training.

Not true! Medical hypnosis for anesthesia is actually very simple.

All that is needed for someone to experience hypnotic anesthesia is trust, rapport, motivation, and openness to suggestion (which follows from the first 3), and knowing what to suggest and how to suggest it. With these relationship dynamics present, and the easy to learn way to phrase suggestions, anyone can hypnotize anyone else to access and activate their own healing power.

I have several anecdotes of laypeople known to me who hypnotized a loved one (the relationship contained the required trust, rapport, and openness) for pain and surgery. One was a student of mine who, after the first weekend of class, hypnotized her husband to have a pain-free dental surgery with little bleeding or swelling and rapid, pain-free healing. In this case the husband knew he was being hypnotized. And he trusted his wife.

In another situation the person did not know they were being hypnotized. They were having a phone conversation with their best friend, a graduate of my course. The person was about to have a liver biopsy, known to be always a very painful procedure. Her friend just started to give her suggestions in a casual loving reassuring way about how nice it would be if…(you felt delight at little things moment by moment, and appreciated the good will of the doctors and told your body to be pain free and it agreed). The person did not think this was hypnosis — it was just reassurance from a friend.

Afterwards, this person reported with great surprise how delightful and pain free the procedure, and, in fact the whole day, had been. About six months later the procedure was needed again. But this time this person forgot about the prior experience and didn’t talk with the friend. The procedure was very painful as it was “supposed” to be.

Now that you have read this, what is your inner response? Does it feel real that such abilities are available to you? You can begin to experiment and train yourself to master pain with some of my hypnosis recordings such as ‘Quick Pain Relief’ or ‘Deep Relaxation: Spontaneous Healing’ (in CD or Mp3 format).

Don’t believe it’s possible? Listen to Diane Sawyer:

Good luck!


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