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I Did Not Know that I Knew; Now I Know that I Know

performance anxietyMy primary experience as a teacher has long been in the field of hypnotherapy training. Hypnotherapy is often considered a somewhat esoteric field, but it is one that is quickly gaining more exposure as a credible, and often preferred, means field of therapeutic work.

Students often come to my Finding True Magic course in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP thinking it is going to be difficult to learn these “mysterious” techniques.  Most come with a fairly heavy dose of negative programming from their childhood schooling experience ! They have performance anxiety and beliefs about  not being smart enough. They are afraid to ask questions, afraid of appearing stupid, and of being shamed for making a mistake.

All these variations of fear associated with the learning process make being in a class an unpleasant experience. Learning should be interesting, enlivening, and fun! It feels good to learn something new. It feels good to make discoveries and to experience your capacity to learn. It is essential to recognize you have a reliable intelligence you can trust if you treat it right.

Not long ago I had the wonderful experience of watching my granddaughter’s opinion of herself change dramatically for the better. She had been classified as learning disabled because she was not reading well, and she had become uncharacteristically withdrawn and shy. Fortunately, we found a reading program with an excellent track record of helping people solve reading problems, or learn to read for the first time — it’s called ReadRight!

In her ReadRight tutoring (done by phone, amazingly) my granddaughter discovered she was teachable and that her brain could learn to read once she was presented with appropriate guidance and techniques. She loves to read now! She enjoys telling us about all the good grades she is getting in school because she can read! And her posture is now upright and there is a new light in her eyes since she has discovered she does have a good brain and can learn. Priceless!

Consider this hypnosis audio for getting past some of the most common blocks to the joy of learning:

“Erase Performance Anxiety: Share Your Gifts & Joy With the World!”

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