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Quick Anxiety Relief: Stop Worrying with Self Hypnosis

mountain shot - turn your mindAnxious thinking can become such a familiar part of our inner dialogue, that we can end up believing it’s natural. “What’s going to happen to me?” “Will things work out?” “What if I’m making the wrong decision?” . . . on and on. We’re good at keeping our anxiety going, but we don’t always know how to get control of it.

A simple positive suggestion can give you surprisingly quick relief from anxiety!

Suggestion is the essence of hypnosis. Our inner dialogue is full of hypnotic suggestions. We are hypnotizing ourselves every day, thought by thought. When we suffer, it’s because we’re giving importance to negative thoughts. We think they’re more valid than positive thoughts.

We can be stubborn about changing our tendency to (a) trust negative thoughts and (a) be suspicious of positive thoughts. I meet people all the time who — in spite of their abilities, accomplishments and good fortune – just can’t relax. They’re on pins and needles because they’re thinking, “One wrong move and I’m screwed. Basically, this is the message that all of our anxious thinking is giving us.

When I am tempted to start worrying, I get relief when I remember, “You know, it’s fine for me to think about all these things. I just don’t have to be anxious about them.” To be honest, I didn’t really like the idea at first.  It offended me that perhaps my problem wasn’t “important.”  But I kept making the effort to shift from worrying to wondering. Soon I found that it really felt a lot better and was actually a better problem-solving strategy.

I started sharing these insights with my hypnotherapy clients.  I’d say, “Instead of worrying anxiously about things, you could just wonder about them. You could develop solutions much more creatively and effectively if you wonder about how you’ll meet a challenge instead of worrying about how you’ll meet it.” So simple, and effective!

One person started cheering up right away. Another was more like me. He needed some time to decide to let it be that simple. After a few minutes of wondering instead of worrying,  a good idea came to him and he started cheering up, too. When you change your negative self-talk to positive suggestions, you’ll change your mind from an enemy to an encouraging friend.

To accomplish quick anxiety relief by ending this negative self-talk, most of us need help.

To stop worrying and start encouraging yourself, try our popular Finding True Magic hypnosis audio: Stress Relief, Rejuvenation & Empowerment

May all beings be happy and free! May our compassion for all beings, ourselves included, continue to increase!

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