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Hollywood Hypnosis – How Ads and Movies Make You Want Things

You may remember the movie Inception. It deals with the mysteries, dramas, and possibilities existing in our inner life when we realize we are dreaming and can therefore change our dream. It’s a movie that relies on many principles of hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion to develop its story.

Inception explores the intricacies of implanting an idea in the mind of another person, to make them think that it is their own original inspiration.

It is actually much simpler than the movie makes it out to be. In hypnosis jargon its called a suggestion. All that is required is to successfully bypass a person’s critical faculty (the ability to evaluate and say “No!”) and deliver the suggestion while their critical faculty is suspended.

Hollywood must make it mysterious and dramatic, of course. But the goal of inception is quite easy and we are the constant subjects for inception through the ever expanding technology of mass and social media propaganda and advertising. The late Dr. Herbert Spiegel, psychiatrist and master hypnotist, demonstrated time and again how easily people can be made to adopt a suggested reality.

Even though hypnosis has been around for over 300 years, few people understand hypnotic principles. This makes it a big box office draw stimulating interesting analysis by students of neuroscience as if these are new and rare phenomena.

Besides the critical faculty bypass, all you need to create a hypnotic suggestion is to repeat a suggestion in a way that is vivid and emotionally engaging. The more vivid and emotionally engaging the suggestion, the less repetition is required.

Here’s the warning on the label: we must make a great effort to guard our minds and sanity in this age of expert spin doctors spreading their suggestions with ever more powerful technological and media advances. All too often they are serving money, power, and greed rather than the uplifting of humanity.

The next time you’re watching a commercial ad on TV and suddenly feel the urge to acquire something  — whether it’s a burger, a shake, or a pair of shoes — ask yourself, “Was I born wanting this thing? Why do I want it now? Is this my idea, or merely a strong suggestion that’s just been given to me by someone else?”

For help guarding your mind and staying connected to your best impulses, check out this FTM mp3: Opening to Higher Self Purification.

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