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Anger Management

ANGER MGMTThe energy we access when we’re angry has tremendous creative potential. The problem occurs when we channel this energy into toxic thought forms and destructive behaviors.

The basic capacity to access such powerful energy, however, is potentially a great gift. With hypnotherapy we can ensure that you realize the creative and constructive potential of your own emotional energy. This allows you to make more effective choices about what you do with the energy of your anger, which in turn frees up a wonderful reserves of inspiration and motivation.  It also allows you to get off the merry-go-round of guilt and blame in relation to your anger, regardless of whether it’s directed toward others or toward yourself.

Guilt and blame both inhibit the healing process of realizing the positive potential that exists within the energy of your anger. Using the methods of transpersonal hypnotherapy, you can quickly and easily change your subconscious programs of self-condemnation and blame into programs of tolerance and forgiveness of yourself and others. In this way you can realize the power and skill of communicating nonviolently.

May everyone be free from suffering.
May we use the powerful energies of our emotions to benefit all beings!



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