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Realize Your Full Potential with:
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy / NLP

“Banish Fear and Self-Doubt. Master the Creative Power that is eager to serve you at every moment.
Find the True Magic of your own Being.”

Jack Elias developed Transpersonal Hypnotherapy / NLP trainings and Lucid Heart© Therapy to help you free the power of your true mind. This advanced form of hypnosis counseling and hypnosis training activates the natural curative and creative powers of your own being.

Once you are connected to this inner power and intelligence, you can accomplish benefit in every area of your life from physical and emotional pain relief, to weight loss, to finding the perfect life partner and much more! You gain confidence in your abilities to enjoy your life  and to achieve greater success in any area of your life.

For over 20 years the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP method devised by Seattle hypnotherapist Jack Elias has helped thousands — in Seattle, Washington and internationally — to overcome obstacles and find greater happiness.

Jack’s clients and students work with him in person in the Greater Seattle and Bellevue area, as well as by phone or Skype throughout the world. The Finding True Magic live trainings and Distance Learning hypnotherapy certification program are recognized by a number of colleges and universities as well as by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

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“Your [HypnoTips] newsletter is the WD-40 for the doorknobs and hinges of my mind when they rust shut. I always seem to find the answer to my current struggle in life in each issue. Never fails. And taking your course was one of the best investments I ever made in myself. It opened up a door that I didn’t know existed.”

— I. Byfield, CHT, Graduate, Finding True Magic Distance Learning Certification Course

“Thank you profoundly for these FTM Hypno Tips. I look forward to each one of them that comes to my email. The wisdom and insight is essential to me, and I plan to continue to learn more from you. At some point, my desire is to finally take your course and to get certified as a hypnotherapist and start moving more in that direction with my career and life.”

— Kerry Hufford, BA, Counselor, Job Coach

Inside Personal Growth Podcast Interview with Jack Elias: Listen as Jack explains the hypnotic nature of ordinary mind and gives practical tips to improve your clarity of mind and your meditation experience.

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